Friday, March 30, 2012

Recent Garden Highlights

Here's a recent pic from a freak hail storm. 2 weeks later and it's getting up to 90 degrees!

My biggest goal of the year is to grow okra from seed (since we love it and can never find it in the grocery stores). I've got 4 different types sprouting from seed here, hoping that at least one of them will work.

I've managed to get one okra plant to make it from seed to garden so far. There are even a few millimeter long okra pods in the middle. Hopefully, we'll be having okra for dinner soon. Fingers crossed!

Cucumber, grown from seed. The first one grown from seed got all eaten by bugs. I'm hoping this one fairs better.
One of the apple trees is finally starting to get leaves. It was dormant for so long, I thought it hadn't survived the transplant.

The pomegranate is thriving. This is another one that I was afraid wouldn't make it because it was dormant for so long.

The grape plants I put in recently are taking off. No sign of actual grapes yet though. (I've got two grape vines and both look this good.)

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