Friday, September 28, 2012

Planning the Fall Garden

Not that I'm counting or anything, but my staycation from work starts in 11.5 days. That means that 12 days from now, I will be happily digging away in my garden. (13 or 14 days from now, I might be getting a pedicure. We'll see how it goes.) I've been reading, spreadsheeting, and planning like crazy in anticipation, and I've got a fall plan:

You'll probably notice I've got a LOT of stuff crammed into that box on the right (3 brocolli plants, 4 celery, 27 garlic, 54 onions, 72 carrots, 2 cabbages, and 12 spinach). It's inspired by square foot gardening, which seems awfully optimistic, but I'm feeling optimistic. Let's give it a shot. 

A bunch of the stuff I have on the plan (peas, artichokes, brocolli, carrots) are things I tried last year and couldn't make work. I'm hoping that getting them off to an earlier start this year will make things go better. (Last year, I started the artichokes and carrot in late November, the broccoli in late December, and peas in late January.) So maybe a little sun before the cold sets in will do them some good.

Hey, I couldn't do much worse than last year, right? 

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