Friday, May 31, 2013

Garden Glamour Shots

I'm crazy excited about what's happening in the garden right now. Things have really taken off in the last week or so! I just have to show off a bit.

The sunflowers are going nuts. I should start measuring them in the mornings, because I swear they're bigger every day when I come outside:

The grape plants are getting so big, they don't fit on their trellis anymore. And the little squash seedlings at the base that we planted to shade the roots are taking off:

Ears of corn are popping up everywhere:

Green beans are sprouting up at the base of all the corn plants:

The pumpkin plant is going through a major growth spurt:

And look at this gorgeous honeydew:

Say what you want about Arizona summers, if you pick the right plants, they really seem to love that heat. Happy gardening everyone!

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