Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Treat

On days that my family wants to treat me extra special (my birthday, Mother's Day, or just because), there are a few tried-and-true things they know they can do to make my day:
  • Plan an activity together as a family (preferably outside).
  • Make sure I get time for a nap.
  • Do something garden related. 

For Mother's Day, we did all of those things, and as always, I was thrilled. We started our day at The Coffee Shop in Gilbert for breakfast. Besides have wonderful food, The Coffee Shop has beautiful gardens to look at while you are eating. Out back, they have a gorgeous rose garden on the patio, and around the side, they have one of the most striking cactus gardens I have ever seen. (If you want a beautiful photo tour of the area, see A Farm, Flowers and a Restaurant in the Mist of Suburbia.)

So I had this gorgeous view at breakfast with my family, and after breakfast, we took a stroll to the community gardens at Agritopia (which is directly adjacent). When I visit the community gardens, I frequently get garden envy. The gardeners here do such wonderful things with their garden plots. Today was no exception. I was particularly in awe of the flowers on display.

Massive bunches of sunflowers

Hollyhocks as high as a tree

 This is just getting ridiculous, it's so pretty

But as pretty as the community gardens were, they were not what really knocked my socks off. Instead, it was a path along side of the community gardens that took my breath away. This path separates the gardens from the adjacent farm that provides food to the restaurant, and it is lined all along with grape vines. Walking along this path feels like you are walking along a little spot in California or Europe, not blazing Arizona. 


After inspiration like this, we of course had to go to my favorite nursery. I picked up a few hollyhocks for my own garden and some organic treatment to deal with grape skelentonizers for my own grapevines. I'll show pictures of those another day. For now, I'll leave you with that magical picture.

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