Saturday, September 15, 2012

Arizona Seed Source

I just bought seeds again from Westwind Seeds in Tucson, and I almost feel like I have to write about these guys. I don't work for them. I've never met them. But I'm pretty sure they are totally awesome people, so I'm going to mention them here, just in case it helps any other Arizona gardeners.

First, these guys do the whole no GMO, open pollinated seed thing. So right off the bat, they're getting some serious hippy points. (If you're not a hippy-dippy type, but you do like gardening, read on. It gets better.)

Even better, they specialize in plants that will do well in "extreme climates." What a nice way to say "surface of the sun" (e.g., the backyard of every Arizonian I know). Another selling point is that (at least in my experience), they always, always, always include a nice hand-written note with your order. Nice touch!

But the kicker here, folks, is that they always seem to include free seeds in their orders too. This little perk is not advertised on their website, but in the four or five times I've ordered from them, they have always included some free seeds in the order. Check out the sticker on the lower-right and upper-left seed packets here:

I'm not really clear why they do this. They don't advertise this perk. They don't send a hand-written note saying why they choose to do it. You just get these free seeds. My best guess is that they're trying out new varieties or something. Darned if I know, but it makes me feel good every time.

So there you go. I didn't get paid for this. I don't know anyone at this company, but if you live in an "extreme climate," I totally recommend buying your seeds from Westwind Seeds. These guys are awesome.

My name is Claudette and I approved this message.

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Jay said...

Dear Claudette,

I love Reggie and her seeds. She works hard to provide open-pollinated seeds that do well in our area. I hope most of those seeds worked well for you!