Friday, September 14, 2012


Not that I'm counting or anything, but 26 days from today, my one week staycation from work starts. The kid will be at camp (her school has a 2.5 week break in October), the weather should be beautiful (Arizona primetime, Baby!), and my "To Do" list for the garden is growing by the second. It should be awesome! So what are my grand plans?

  • Pull out the okra. (It's should be winding down by that point.) 
  • Possibly pull out the sweet potatoes. (I really have no idea when they'll be done. We'll see how that goes.) 
  • Move my raised beds closer together in an attempt to squeeze another one in. (The alternative is to actually rip up lawn and put more raised beds there. It's tempting, but sometimes you've got to know your limits. That's probably more than I'll be able to take on.) 
  • Build another raised bed. 
  • Plant winter vegis (brocolli, onions, garlic, carrots, spinach). 
  • Maybe rig up some hoops on the raised beds so they're ready to go when the cold weather hits. (Cold weather is, of course, a relative term. Cold for Arizona.) 
  • Stake out my apple trees to get some good espalier action going. 
I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself. Have I mentioned that there's only 26 days to go? :) 


Jenny Bardsley said...

I want a staycation!

claudette said...

I hear ya, Jenny! I'm gonna guess after looking at your blog that you're pretty much always working (doing the most important work possible)!

Jenny said...

:) I need my kids to be old enough for camp.