Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Garden Transformation

Well, my staycation is over and I think I have some good progress to show for it. (I definitely have some sore muscles to show for it. Let me tell ya, a desk job does not prepare you for heavy-duty gardening!) What I really wanted to do during the vacation was spend some time with the kiddo (mission accomplished, we had a great time!) and do some renovation work on the garden. 

This was no run-of-the-mill garden work. I didn't just want to pull out the summer plants and put in the fall plants. No, I wanted to make some changes. Specifically, I wanted to till the soil beneath the raised beds to promote better root growth and cram the beds closer together to make room for more vegis. 

I still haven't finished all of that, but I've done most of it. I have some seed potatoes on order and should receive them next week. I'm hoping to get the last raised bed built and in place before then. Once the potatoes are planted, I can call this baby complete. Still, I did enough that I wanted to show it off. 

Here's the step-by-step on the garden transformation. 

Step 1: Take one last look at the happy summer garden. So peaceful.  

Step 2:  Say bye-bye to the okra, corn, and raised beds. Bye bye!  

Step 3: Till the soil beneath the raised beds to promote better root growth. Thank your husband profusely for dealing with the heavy machinery required to make this happen. 

Step 4: Plop the raised beds back into the space, adding a mix of the native soil, the store bought dirt, and compost to the beds. (To the left is the space that's waiting for bed number 3 this weekend.) 

Step 5: Plant the fall garden!

This is the first year that I'm planting the whole garden from seed. No nursery starts! Seeing how all that works out should definitely make for some good blog posts down the line.


The last bed is in! If I do say so myself, this is starting to look pretty good!

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